How to use?

How do I use it?

Nightking sex spray usage

  • Take a small piece of Nightking, and place in the palm
  • Drip a few drops of water onto the Nightking

delay spray for man in india long time sex

  • Twirl the Nightking with water for 20 seconds until you see the liquid turn white
  • One just has to apply the white liquid onto the Head of Penis before sex.
    ( Only 1 drop of white liquid )
  • Not more than 1 drop it will be more & give some burning sensation.
  • Wash the private part with water after 15 – 20 minutes of waiting and after 20 minutes you are ready for intercourse.

Are there any side effects?

No, Absolutely no. This is herbal all natural formula used by people in some part of world from centuries. It is for external use only so it do not have any kind of side effect.

If you will use in more quantity it will give swelling & high burning sensation on skin. Do not use more than 1 drop.